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I work with entrepreneurs & small businesses to help them achieve their creative & professional goals when it comes to the dynamic & inspiring world of social media. But I didn’t start here…

As a photographer for over 12 years, I’ve had the privilege of photographing newborns, kids, families, weddings & more. This love for photography led to other opportunities such as photographing gala’s, grand openings, marketing campaigns, CD covers, celebrities, private concerts & red-carpet events for various Minneapolis companies & publications.

From newborns to red carpet events, what I loved most about taking photos, isn’t what you’d automatically assume. Yes, it was fun meeting all of these amazing people & being at these really hip, swanky events. Some of the opportunities I’ve had are once in a lifetime opportunities that I’m so grateful for! But what I loved most was telling the story of what I was photographing through beautiful imagery that left the audience intrigued, captivated, motivated or inspired.

Social Media STRATEGIST & Content Creator

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DIGITAL Marketing StrategIST

It was out of this love of visual storytelling, that I began to photograph imagery for various businesses to use on their social media accounts.

I’d work with them to lay out a plan for the session & execute it so the imagery would support the thought processes they had about what they wanted to post about. I’d wait on pins & needles to see the imagery show up online! Silence. Nothing. Did they hate the imagery? They told me they loved it! So what was the problem?


These businesses were small businesses. They were entrepreneurs wearing five different hats, going in twelve different directions & when they did have time to sit down, they didn’t know where to post or what to say, they didn’t know what image to post first, or how often to post, they were stuck in overwhelm. They were also hesitant, for a multitude of reasons, to put themselves "out there" on social media.

I asked one of these clients if I could post for her & that’s how I became a Social Media Content Creator. This was right about the time Instagram was really gaining in popularity & people were exploring what it meant to show up in their businesses on social media. I’m a bit of a self-proclaimed geek, so not only was I excited about photographing for these businesses, but I was equally excited about the data…when was the best time to post? How could we drive more likes? What were audiences resonating with?

- Nikki Bunker

Listen, you can be the hardest working person out there, but if you aren’t working smart, you’re wasting time in your business somewhere. My guess is, the places that are suffering the most are the places that feel unknown, the places you don’t feel like an expert, the places that feel overwhelming, like social media.

From photographing you & your business in such a way that you feel confident about putting yourself out there to educating you & setting you up on a strategic social media plan, I have a well-defined process & the creativity & passion to help you up level your business so you can realize all of the potential I know you're capable of!

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